Registration for the 2015 Pránanadi Camp

Dear disciples!

We invite you with great love to the 2015 Pránanadi Camp. This year it is going to be the 10th time that we organize this event!

13-19 July 2015, Kiskunmajsa, Jonathermál camping

We are waiting for children and adults and for all your acquaintances and relatives, even if they do not practice Pránanadi. You can come for the whole week or just for a few days.

You can register for the camp using the link below:


During the registration please complete the fields correctly then press the SAVE button. If you wish to change something (for example the number of days), please click on the word "Modification" in the e-mail that you receive right after registration..
If you cannot find the e-mail, please write for modification to the following address: help@prananadi17.hu
Please, do not register again because the system deletes double registrations automatically!

The planned schedule of the camp is the following (with optional participation):
- first night: opening of the camp, orientation
- each morning: prostrations done together (those who want)
- meditation course that can be joined by anyone
- discussion about Pránanadi
- Pránanadi club, treatments (many volunteer disciples of us treat each other and anyone, who is interested in Pránanadi, you can also volunteer)
- Pránanadi journey
- funny competitions for children and adults
- discussion about the home of Pránanadi, about their culture, about Buddhism
- travelog, Nepál, screening
- screening, movies connected with Tibet
- cooking together, music, dance, camp-fire
- cooking competitions
- outdoors night meditation with little candles
- closing the camp, meditation
- bathing: adventure pools, slides, medical pools, child pools, surf-bathing...

We welcome everyone with great love!

A honlap Petrezselyem József külön engedélyével készült!